Zion NP - Utah

  • Angels Landing wird evtl. Mitte oder Ende September wieder eroeffnet
    Die massiven Zerstoerungen am Trail im Refrigerator Canyon wurden die letzten Wochen unter grossen Aufwand beseitigt und dauern noch an.


    The Angels Landing trail is anticipated to reopen mid to late September. Our trails crew is hard at work. The storm which washed out the retaining wall and trail section also destroyed the check dams built over 100 years ago to protect the trail. So far the crew has hauled up about 90 cubic yards of rock to build 4 new check dams to protect the trail from the next storms. The crew has stabilized the ends of the trail and are beginning to build a new custom bridge to span the gap where the trail and retaining wall washed completely away.

    This may be one of the most scenic work sites in the country, but it means that all building material must be hauled on the trail about 1 mile, and up over 660 feet, or about 55 flights of stairs, or twice the Statue of Liberty National Monument, pedestal included. We use small tracked vehicles and some very fit and skilled staff to do the work safely, in a way that protects the historic aspects of trail, and the magnificence of the canyon. We look forward to reopening the trail.

    Quelle: Zion NPS Facebook Post

  • Ab sofort gibt es keinerlei Top Down Narrows Trips mehr im Zion:


    Effective immediately, Zion National Park has stopped issuing Wilderness permits to hike the Zion Narrows Top-down. This includes the 16-mile day hike and all overnight use.
    The route crosses private land and the landowner has recently closed it to public access. “Private Property, No Trespassing” signs have recently been posted.
    Day hiking from the Temple of Sinawava is open to Big Spring. Upstream travel beyond Big Spring is not allowed. Zion National Park is working with the landowner to resolve access issues.
    We will update our website and social media when we know more.

    Quelle: Zion NP Facebook Post

    so wie es aussieht, findet ein grosser sale von dem private property statt, das an Zion angrenzt und jegliches Trespassing auf dem Privatgrundstueck, um die Narrows von Top Down zu erreichen, ist ab nun untersagt.
    Sehr traurig, dies war eines der ikonischen backpacking trips im Zion.
    Hoffe, der Park kann was aushandeln.
    So wie es aussieht, soll das Stueck Land fuer ein weiteres potentielles resort verkauft werden. Davon gibt es rings um Zion schon mehr als genug. :aug: :aug:

    Access to Zion Narrows ?for sale?? Private landowner posts ?no trespassing? in world-famous route; hiking permits discontinued - The Salt Lake Tribune

    Beginnend heute kann man nur noch den Day Hike in den Narrows bis Big Springs in den Narrows machen, etwa 4 Meilen upstream.

  • creedy Geschaeftsleute, denen ist es egal. Hauptsache der Profit stimmt

  • voruebergehend wurde ein arrangement getroffen und es werden vorerst wieder Narrows permits ausgestellt bis zum Jahresende fuer die Top Down Route
    Wie es dann naechstes Jahr aussieht :zuck:


    Zion National Park Again Issuing Narrows Permits
    SPRINGDALE, UT – Zion National Park has resumed issuing permits for the top - down Zion Narrows route for day hikes and overnight use. The permitted route will reopen the morning of Saturday, September 29, 2018. Permits for day use and Narrows backcountry camping reservations can be picked up at the park visitor center.
    A temporary recreational access license has been granted to Washington County through the end of 2018. “We greatly appreciate the goodwill of the landowners and the efforts of the Washington County Commission in quickly resolving access concerns at the entrance to the Virgin River Narrows,” said Jeff Bradybaugh, Zion National Park Superintendent. Discussions are ongoing to secure a more permanent solution.

    Day hiking from the Temple of Sinawava at the end of the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive (accessible by park shuttle) is open to hiking north to Big Spring within the Narrows without a permit.

    Quelle: Zion NP Facebook Post

  • In einem anderen Forum :smile: hat jemand nach Erfahrungen zum Space Jokey gefragt, der auf dem Felsplateau des Tabernacle Dome am Südende sein muss.

    Meine Frage geht in erster Linie an Yvonne, ob sie eine Ahnung hat, wo man am besten auf des Felsplateau rauf kommt? :zuck:

    ich war noch nicht auf dem Tabernacle Dome, da dieser technical ist.
    Und auch das Plateau rings um den Tabernacle Dome ist extrem exposed, man muss Class III und CLass IV climbs machen.
    Ich will da irgendwann mal hin und schauen, wie weit man ohne technisches equipment ueberhaupt kommt.

    Aehnliche Landschaften aber einfacher zu erreichen gibt es aber dort in umliegender Naehe mehr als genug

  • Angels Landing und ein Teil vom West Rim Trail wird von Oktober 23-25 geschlossen, weill die Klos abtransportiet werden und durch neue ersetzt werden.
    Also umplanen, wer in dieser Zeit im Zion ist.


    Angels Landing and Portion of West Rim Trail Closed October 23-25, 2018 In preparation for new evaporative toilets, park is removing existing facilities at Scout Lookout SPRINGDALE, UT – The two evaporative toilets at Scout Lookout are being replaced with a new four stall facility. In preparation, park staff will be emptying and removing the existing toilets October 23 through October 25, 2018. The operation requires the use of a helicopter, so safety precautions in the form of trail and road closures will be in effect. On all three days of the operation, Angels Landing and the West Rim Trail will be closed from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. between the Grotto Trailhead and the patio just above Scout Lookout. Flaggers will be stationed on the Scenic Drive in the area of Big Bend for periodic road closures during fly overs. All traffic, including shuttle buses, will be delayed during the three days of operations. Climbing routes on Angels Landing, including the Minotaur, will be closed. However, those planning through hikes or backpacking trips from the West Rim into Zion Canyon will be permitted but should expect long delays. The existing toilets will close October 15, 2018. The new toilets being constructed on site are projected to open at the end of November. In the meantime, visitors should use the restrooms at the Grotto Shuttle Stop before beginning an ascent to Scout Lookout, Angels Landing or further along the West Rim Trail. This project will improve the effectiveness of the evaporative toilets. The existing toilets are designed to handle approximately 110 uses per day. Current usage indicates an average of nearly 200 uses per day, with peak days experiencing over 650 uses. New technology will also help reduce the need for the park to remove built-up waste from annually to once every three or four years. This project was made possible by a private donation through the Zion Forever Project. “Replacing the evaporative toilets at Scout Lookout is not one of those glamorous projects, but it has been one of the park’s biggest needs” says Superintendent Jeff Bradybaugh. “Thousands of people every year will benefit from this project.

    Quelle: Zion NPS Email

  • letzte Woche beim Arbeiten im Zion: als Beilage gibt es oft tolle Motive
    The Sentinal und Bruecke ueber den Virgin River

  • Da bekomme ich Tränen in die Augen, da ich den Zion so liebe und vermisse.


    Zion ist schon schoen, wenn es nur nicht so voll waere

  • Ich bin wutentbrannt!!!!

    Vorgestern wanderte ich nach meinem Volunteering im East Zion in einem Areal, das keinen markierten Trail hat.

    Und ich fand gleich drei Stellen, die mit Graffiti verunstaltet worden!!!! :wut2::wut2::wut2:

    Ein Spot hatte sogar richtiges Spray Paint an die Felsen gesprueht.

    Solche ignoranten Handlungen sind zum Kotzen.